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What we do

We help software startups, ecommerce brands, and affiliate websites drive more organic traffic from Google.

Many companies invest in ads, sponsorships, email marketing, social media marketing, etc. But few invest in their long-term organic growth. Over the years, we've found that the more SEO-optimized content (mainly in the form of blog posts) that brands produce, the more sustained their website traffic is — regardless of if they're investing in other marketing channels.

Scaling from 25k visitors/month to 250k visitors/month from SEO

We helped Webflow, the leader in no-code tools, scale their SEO traffic from blog posts — which helped them secure several funding rounds that turned them into a multi-billion dollar company.

what we offer

We'll create a personalized content
operation for your brand

A custom content and keyword strategy

We give you a monthly content calendar tailored to your brand and target audience.

Backlink building

We want you to be an authority in your industry. That means building up your domain authority through mentions on other publications.

Content production

We create every piece of content for you so you can focus on growing other parts of your business.

Originally researched

All of our content is originally researched and goes through a grammar and plagiarism check before it is handed to you.

Not your typical SEO/content
marketing agency

No contracts

Say goodbye to monthly retainers. We are the only SEO content agency that does not tie you down into a contract. If you don't like us, you can easily cancel your subscription.

More than just content

All of our packages, with exception of our on-demand package, include backlinks. This means you're not only getting great content, but also mentions on other websites that will grow your domain authority and traffic.

In good hands

Your account is handled by an SEO and content expert who has taken several projects to thousands of visitors a month. No in-experienced account managers here.

A focus on SEO

Each article you recieve is SEO optimized and written in a way to rank in Google. We've released over 500 blog posts and have found the right way to write for Google.

Find what works for you

No contracts, cancel anytime.

On demand

For companies looking for individual blog posts at a time.
$750 per article
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What's included:

• 1 article up to 3,000 words

• SEO-optimized

• One content revision

• Free stock photos

• Plagiarism and grammar checked

• Originally researched

Start up

For companies looking to start their SEO content engine.
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What's included:

• 6 articles a month (up to 3,500 words each)

• SEO-optimized

• 5 high-quality backlinks from DR 40+ websites

• Tailored keyword research

• Two content revisions

• Free stock photos

• Plagiarism and grammar checked

• Originally researched

• Monthly update calls

• Onboarding + consultation call

• Cancel anytime

Best value

Scale up

For companies looking to scale their organic growth efforts.
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What's included:

• 12 articles a month (up to 4,000 words each)

• SEO-optimized

• 10 high-quality backlinks from DR 60+ websites

• Tailored keyword research

• CMS implementation

• Unlimited content revisions

• Free stock photos

• Plagiarism and grammar checked

• Originally researched

• Onboarding + consultation call

• Bi-weekly update calls

• Cancel anytime


For companies looking to become full-fledged media conglomerates.
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What's included:

• Everything in our other plans

• Prioritized delivery

• Custom article count + backlinks

• Unlimited content revisions

Not convinced? We'll give you an
SEO-optimized blog post, on us.

Discover the power of Marketer Milk for Business. We’ll write you a blog post
and rank it in Google, for free. Yes, you read that right.

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*Disclaimer: We don't work with every brand. We only work with brands we know we can drive meaningful results for.
Does it hurt business? Yes. But we care about results and helping brands we trust grow.

What we do

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Technical SEO optimizations

We give you the key's to help optimize your website so search engines can effectively understand and index your content.

On-page SEO frameworks

We give you all the keys to creating SEO optimized content and effective content briefs.

Content strategy and keyword research

We help you craft a content strategy and aligns with your goals — all while helping you discover low competition, relevant keywords to target.

Content audits to optimize existing content

We show you how to get the most out of your existing content and rank it higher in search engines.

Build domain authority through backlinks

We'll give you a framework for building links at scale drive more awareness and strengthen your brand authority.

Find writers and scale your content team

We'll show you exactly how to find qualified writers and scale your content output.